Are you ready for a 1 Night Korea Trip in Turkey?

Are you ready for a 1 Night Korea Trip in Turkey?

Türkiye’de 1 Gece Kore Gezi’sine hazır mısınız?

26-27 Mart tarihleri arasında Kore’yi tanımak ve yaşamak isteyen öğrenciler için çok heyecanlı ve çok eğlenceli bir gezi hazırlıyoruz!

Ankara Kore Kültür Merkezi’nde 2 gün boyunca atölyeler,etkinlikler ve eğlenceli aktiviteler ile kendinizi Kore’de gibi hissedeceğiniz ve Kore kültürü yakından tanıyacağınız bu gezimize katılmaya ne dersiniz?

Korea Days - Ankara

Korea Days - Ankara

Great two days, great memories, great participants!

We collected great memories at our event in Ankara where Korean lovers met, we had a lot of fun learning how to make delicious Korean food with our participants. While spending time with fun games with our participants, we got to know the Korean culture, games, and lifestyle... 👍🏻

We share the summary of these 2 amazing days for everyone who was not with us that day!❤️

Korea Days - İstanbul

Korea Days - İstanbul

On November 3, 2021, we gave our guests an unforgettable Korean experience in Istanbul! All our guests who participated in the one-day Korea Day events had a great day with the K-POP dance workshop, calligraphy workshop, delicious Korean food and more. 😊 Click for details.

Ahmet Abi from Korea asks: How well do you know Korea? (9-23 JUNE)

Ahmet Abi from Korea asks: How well do you know Korea? (9-23 JUNE)

Korean Ahmet Abi shot himself on the streets of Istanbul, asked the Turkish people about Korea, and very enjoyable images emerged.

If you want to see the Korean Ahmet Abi in your place, write it in the comments. Who knows, you might have guessed, we're there!

Also, like the video and write your creative questions in the comments; Let's ask those questions in our next video. 40 people to be selected will win beautiful gifts!

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• The competition will start on 9 June and will end on 23 June at 23:59.

• Winners will be announced as comments on this video on June 28.

• Gifts: Large suitcase, phone holder ring and calendar for 40 people.

• Participants will be evaluated on the basis of the creativity of the interpretation in line with the criteria determined by the 3-person jury. The highest points from the jury will be awarded.

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What does Korea mean to you? (15-30 APRIL)

What does Korea mean to you? (15-30 APRIL)

Are you ready for the competition? Lets start! 🎊🎊

What does Korea mean to you, share your feelings by making a video. The video content is entirely up to you.

We will choose the most creative videos and they will win gifts from us!🤩🤩

🏆 Awards in order:

1st person Samsung Note 20 smartphone

Samsung Earbuds for 2 people

Intax mini 11 camera for 3 people

Bluetooth speaker for 4 people

And 150 TL Amazon gift card for 10 people.

To join:

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⭐️ The deadline to participate in the competition is 30.04.2021 at 23:59.

⭐️ Winners will be announced on our instagram account (@kto_istanbul) on 07.05.2021.



Shoot your videos where you experience Korea or promote Korea in Turkey and participate in the competition.

Don't miss this competition, where awards and certificates of achievement will be given to the contestants who make the most entertaining and meaningful videos!